Don’t Be Stupid! How to Use You EQ to Increase Business

By Jamie Moore Marcario

You’re finally your own boss. You decide what you do, who you do it for, when and how. Awesome, right? But if you’ve never done your own thing before, you’ve quickly discovered that your brilliant business plan and loan from your brother to fund your dream aren’t enough to bring it all to life. You need emotional intelligence if you’re going to make it.

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How to Deduct $5,250 of Your Adult Child’s College Tuition as a Business Expense (Yes, You Read That Correctly!)

By Jamie Moore Marcario, Managing Attorney

With today’s tuition costs at astronomically high levels, paying for a child’s college education can feel like extortion. If your child is an adult, you may have decided that it’s up to him or her to pay for tuition. But if you DO  want to help your adult child (or grandchild) with college tuition, there are some ways to do it—at least part of it—TAX FREE! Read more

5 Simple Steps to Building a Legacy You Can Leave Behind

5 Simple Steps to Building a Legacy You Can Leave Behind

You started your business or creative venture with a clear vision of the end-goal . . . or did you? If you haven’t provided for your life’s work in your estate plan but fantasize about leaving it as an entrepreneurial or artrepreneurial legacy for your kids (and their kids’ kids), your dream might just become a nightmare for your heirs—and for your business partners, employees and clients, too.  Read more