About Thrive Law

Let’s get clear on one thing upfront. Thrive Law, previously known as Uncommon Legal, is not a typical law firm because its founder, Jamie Moore Marcario, is not a typical lawyer. She is a BIGLaw escapee who designed a contemporary, boutique firm to serve the unique needs of creatives and entrepreneurs.

At Thrive Law, we speak in plain English. We charge flat fees whenever possible. We offer creative counsel plans that make top-tier legal services available to everyone, not just mega corporations.

If you feel the need to pay for marble floors, tailored suits, fancy cars, and the needless overhead that likely comes with all that, we’re probably not a good fit.

But if you want an experienced legal partner to help you without the meter running endlessly, incomprehensible legalese, or mountains of red tape, we may have found one another for a reason.