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Thrive Law isn’t looking for one-night stands. The firm partners with creatives and entrepreneurs for the long haul. We invest time in you upfront so that when the honeymoon is over, you’ll know we get you and have your back. If you’re interested in a relationship with Thrive Law, give us a call and ask to schedule a business assessment.

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What the heck is “The Creative Economy”?


The person with the brilliant idea who is willing to take a risk and bring it to life. The person with the paintbrush, the guitar, the potter’s wheel, or the glass studio. The person who brews beer or coffee or cooks up the world’s greatest barbeque sauce. The person who designs online experiences that excite and inspire. The person who creates photos and videos that capture the story behind the story. The person who uses social media ingenuity to triple business profits. The person who loses 100 pounds through discipline and perspiration and now envisions her own personal training empire. The person who creates extraordinary landscapes in neighborhood yards. The person who transforms food, hair, plumbing, or dog-walking into art. You.


When you were 7, your lemonade stand drove every other kid in your neighborhood out of business. When you were 16, you didn’t just cut lawns on the weekends; you owned a truck, a trailer, and employed 8 of your best buds.


Math only made sense when you applied it to playing your guitar. Your doodles were better than your essays. You make coffee at midnight so you can keep writing until dawn.


Are you a web design wonder? A social media maven? A technology titan? A brilliant beer brewer? A creative cook? A publishing paramour? Or are you a plumber with passion? A roofer with rhythm? A physician with flare?